Stronghold Art

This last week while I sat in my chair having coffee, on one of the few sunny days we have had in awhile, I struggled over how much I would like to share the entirety of the Garrison book with others. Not at the end of this year, or early next year, but now. Sometimes the earnestness to share the story tears me up inside, because it is after all, part of what the great commission means to me – to “go tell” others about Jesus and how he’s changed my life. It just happens to be that my way of telling others seems to be really time consuming because it takes awhile to write and illustrate a graphic novel! After which, I felt a familiar nudge saying that, just because the release of the Garrison book is a ways away, it doesn’t mean I can’t share words and pictures that put a smile on my face, comfort in my heart, and could hopefully do the same for others.

When I picture myself beyond the Garrison book, I often imagine these one-off illustrations, paired with verses or kind words that bring that kind of joy and honor to Him at the same time. With sketches, verses, illustrations, cards, and stories, I hope to share this Stronghold Art with you as I work on the book, here and on social channels like Instagram and Facebook. Also I’m making the prints and cards available through the Stronghold Art Shop on Etsy. All proceeds help me to continue my work on the book which I appreciate very much!

Woodland Creatures with Baby
This Woodland Creatures with Baby illustration was created for a special family member with the new baby boy on the way with a forest themed nursery in mind. “In HIS HAND is the life of EVERY CREATURE and the breath of all mankind.” – Job 12:10. How wonderful to think how God has created and has given life to all His creatures, all those of the oceans, jungles, forests, and the cities, towns and homes where we all live. I like to think in Heaven all God’s creations will be in this much harmony.


Let the Children Come Unto Me – Matthew 19:14
And Jesus said “Let the Children Come Unto Me” – Can you imagine what it was like to hear the God of all creation say these words? – so powerful. When Jesus walked on this earth, he demonstrated a special love for the children. These words are meaningful, in that it shows that nobody should come between and hinder the relationship that a child has with his or her creator. In Leah and I’s journey, God has shown us a passion for kids, even though we don’t have one of our own yet here on Earth, we understand how important it is for all children to have a chance to know who Jesus is.

Stronghold Art Shop OPEN

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and holiday weekend spent with family and friends. You may have noticed I missed posting last week, with the holidays and client work, I was busy but making an effort to get back on track and make a big post this week with the announcement of the Stronghold Art Shop on Etsy!

Over the next year I will be pressing into the book and my hope is to gradually take on less freelance work and focus more on the book and getting the good word out. By sharing the concept art and selling art prints my hope is that it will allow me to work on the book much faster. If the idea of the book encourages you, if you like the message, have enjoyed seeing my art progress over my career, or just love the art, please see if there’s something you would like to pick up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Garrison the Stronghold Hero Key Art – 8x10 Art Print
Garrison the Stronghold Hero Key Art – 8×10 Art Print

I have uploaded four pieces of key concept art for the story so far, pieces created to inspire the book and depict key moments of the story. Art prints will come in two sizes 8×10 and the impressive 13×19. Prints are printed on a large format Giclée Printer using Epson Archival inks on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper which makes for a rich color dense print with tons of contrast and texture perfect for framing or displaying.

Let the Children Come Unto Me – 8x10 Art Print
Let the Children Come Unto Me – 10×8 Art Print

In addition to concept art, something that has been on my heart is to begin a series of illustrations and scriptures which focus on family values, finding strength through faith, and enjoying and having fun in life. Under the title of Stronghold Art I hope to pursue this passion, and my hope is that it will find an audience in which it can touch and inspire.

Trouble the Cat Christmas Card Bundle 3-Pack
Trouble the Cat Christmas Card Bundle 3-Pack

Cards have always been something I have loved to create. I’ve created custom Christmas cards to give to family, friends and colleagues since 2001 and I want to it to be a part of what I will be doing going forward, for many occasions. What I love about cards is it’s a way to give art, share art, keep art, that’s at a level that’s easy to store and appreciate without the need to take up too much real estate. They make great decorations and are an affordable keepsake, with the cost of cards in stores today, why not get something unique and of good quality? All my cards will be made with the same Giclée archival printing as the Art Prints with Paper Source envelopes, which I love because the color is rich and coverage is inside and out (not just printed color). All cards are blank inside to let you write anything you like, something I always appreciate.

Dee Dee Birthday Card and Many More
Dee Dee Birthday Card and Many More

Please check out the Stronghold Art Shop on Etsy and support the Garrison the Stronghold book. Thanks so much, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!