Garrison and the Snow (Man)

It’s snowing today in Tacoma, it’s snowing today in the Pacific Northwest. What is it about the snow that brings out our nostalgia and childlike wonderment? The way it blankets the earth and makes all things new to a child’s eyes, the world they once knew, is now something entirely new, magic even, a break from our daily lives with new fun and games to be had. But things becoming new once again isn’t just something we long for when we’re young, it’s something, with the increasing troubles of the world, we long for once again as adults – it’s something I long for. The good news is things can become new again, looking at them through new eyes through a relationship with Jesus.

Garrison and the Yeti
The snow is something very close to the Garrison storyline, I knew that I wanted to have at least once chapter in the book feature a snow environment. Garrison finds it in Chapter Four when he must travel from the seaside city of Florence up the lonely mountain and confront the monster (SNOW MAN) of the mountain, the yeti.

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