Garrison the Stronghold is 200-page graphic novel broken into four parts for middle-grade children and above, currently in development by Creator William E. G. Johnson.

The story is about a remarkably strong boy named Garrison who is born in heaven. While strong on the outside Garrison must go on an adventure to learn things he never had a chance to on Earth and become strong on the inside. Garrison adventures across the realms of heaven meeting new friends and fantastical creatures on a  journey to stop the mysterious monster of the mountain from scaring the people of New Florence. The journey’s challenges force Garrison to rely on himself, family, friends and faith to truly become strong and courageous.

Garrison the Stronghold hopes to teach how we can all overcome fear through determination and faith, also the importance of family and working together. The story addresses fear of the unknown, fear of stepping out of our comfort zone, fear of others and learning to work as a team, fear of getting lost, understanding others, fear of loneliness, and courage through faith.

Garrison the Stronghold is inspired by the pregnancy loss of our son Garrison in 2014 and desires to provide an imaginative and hopeful vision of heaven and looking forward to seeing our lost children and loved ones again.

Be Strong like a Garrison, Be Strong and Courageous!